Born to a Griot family on June 4th 1961, in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, Dani Kouyaté was early on involved with performance theatre. He entered the Ouagadougou African Institute of Cinematic Studies where he graduated in Cinematic Creation. Then he pursued his studies in Paris where he obtained a Master of Cultural and Social Coordination at Sorbonne University. He also graduated in the International Anthropology School of Paris. Finally he received a Diploma of Extended Studies in Cinema.
He lives in Paris and often works in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Burkina Faso in theatre as a theatrical director as well as actor.

He has directed 3 short films: «Bilakoro» in 1989, «Tobere Kossam» in 1991 and «Les larmes sacrées du crocodile» in 1993.

Dani Kouyaté is most comfortable with legends. This was used for his first full-length film, «Keïta, l'Héritage du Griot» in 1995. It was the opportunity to retrace the legend of Soundjata Keïta, founder of the Mandingue Empire. Then, in 1999 he worked for Burkina Faso Television, directing several episodes of a series, «À nous la vie».

However the theatre still attracts him and in 2001, he decided to bring to the screen the legend of Wagadu (7th century Soninke myth).
«Sia, le rêve du python» was inspired by the play by the Mauritanian writer Moussa Diagana.

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