The Film «Sia le rêve du python» arouses concern for politics now and universal. Journalists mention it and Dani Kouyaté elaborates in interviews.

«Sia, le rêve du python», une virulente critique de la dictature.
«Notre Voie» – Ivory Coast – 08.05.2002 Read the article»»

Interview from Vital Philippot with Dani Kouyaté about «Sia, le rêve du python» – 01.2002 Read the article»»

When an African legend becomes a political statement.
La Liberté – Switzerland – 23.11.2001 Read the article»»

The Griots meet the cinema - An interview excerpt from Stéphane Gobbo in «La Liberté».
Switzerland – 23.11.2001 Read the article»»

Interview of Olivier Barlet with Dani Kouyaté about «Sia, le rêve du python».
Cannes Festival – 05.2001 Read the article»»

Words from Dani Kouyaté on his work and on African cinema.
The African Directors and Producers Guild – France – 05.2001 Read the article»»

Excerpt from a press conference given by Moussa Diagana and Dani Kouyaté during the Fespaco about the film «Sia, le rêve du python».
Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso – 27.02.2001 Read the article»»

The Norbert Zongo affair and political strategy on screen.
Le Journal du Soir – Burkina Faso – 14.02.2001 Read the article»»