«After «Keïta! l'héritage du griot», my preceeding film concerning the Mandingue epoch, and the losing and the finding of one's roots in the modern cultural turmoil, I continue to explore the multiples opportunities offered by the dramatic wealth of oral African culture. But this time the tone is different. I have applied myself to the reasons for the inner battles which have bloodied Africa, looking for the causes (not again slavery or colonialism) but going well beyond, questioning our foundational myths. Myths which sometimes contain pernicious doses of totalitarism, have their share of responsibilities to assume. «Sia, le rêve du python» comes from the legend of Wagadu, the founding myth of the pre-Mandingue people, to become a universally political fable.»

Dani Kouyaté – Director

«My play was inspired by the legend of Wagadu, and not the history written by historians nor the legend such as told by the Griots. The first is still incomplete and in its early stages, the second, like all myths, crumbles each day a little more.
It remains for us to use the imagination in an attempt to bring them closer together and at the same time to listen to the men and women who, in all the stories and all the legends of the world, were given little voice.»

Moussa Diagana – Author of the play the film is based on